The Museum of Genocide Victims

IMG_2452The Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius opened late in 1992 in the building where the Soviet security agencies, known to the world as the KGB, operated for almost 50 years. Its exhibitions deal with the painful and dramatic times in the history of Lithuania in the 20th century: the loss of independence, brutal reprisals at the hand of the Soviet regime, and the bitter fight for the re-establishment of independence.

The main part of the exhibition you will find in the basement, a former NKGB-MGB-KGB prison (renamed in 1958 as interrogation solitary confinement cells), which was set up in the autumn of 1940 shortly after the Soviet occupation of Lithuania. The prison remains as it was when the KGB moved out in August 1991. The building is listed as an historical monument. Since you are in the neighborhood, have a look on the other side of the street, just in front of the park on the opposite side of the Conservatory.

bench-vilniusYou will find the coolest bench in Vilnius. It is a memorial bench and guitar made in honor and remembrance of Vytautas Kernagis (May 19, 1951-March 15, 2008), a Lithuanian singer, songwriter, bard, actor, director, and television announcer. It's just in front of the famous Lukiskiu square in Vilnius. He was a member of the big beat bands "Aisčiai" and "Rupūs miltai". He was cremated and interred in the Antakalnis Cemetery in Vilnius.

Telephone(+370 5) 249 62 64

Opening hours Wed to Sat 10:00 am - 06:00 pm
Opening hours Sun 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Address Auku gatve 2a, Vilnius

Europos Parkas outside Vilnius

vilnius_europosparkasEuropos Parkas is a leading open-air contemporary art museum, only a 20 minutes drive from the center of Vilnius. While enjoying the treasured landscape of the park, you will at the same time discover the admirable wold of art. Europos Parkas was founded in 1991 on the initiative of the Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas. The goal of the museum is to give an artistic significance to the geographic center of the European continent. The exhibition spans an area of 55 hectares and shows over 100 works by artists from 33 countries. The collection includes large-scale works by famous contemporary artists such as Abakanowicz, Oppenheim, LeWitt and Pepper. Acknowledged by the Guinness World Records the world's largest artwork of TV sets created by Karosas is also on show. Over 60,000 people visit the museum every year. The restaurant in the park is situated both indoors and in an apple orchard outside. Professional guides introduce visitors to the sculptures in the park and the history of the museum.

If you like to visit Europos Parkas by car, just go along Kalvariju or Gelezinio Vilko street to the Santariskes roundabout, turn right in the direction of Zalieji Ezerai (Green Lakes) and follow the signs to Europos Parkas.

Opening hours Daily 10:00 am - sunset
Address Europos Parkas, Joneikiskiu k. , Vilnius r.
Telephone +370 (5) 2377 077

Liubavas Manor

liubavas-manor-lithuaniaLiubavas Manor is among the oldest in Lithuania, its was first mentioned in a historical source as early as the 16th century. The manor used to belong to the Royal family as well as Lithuania's most prominent families. In the mid-18th century, Mikalojus Tiskevicius, a canon of the Vilnius Cathedral, built the baroque architectural ensemble of Liubavas Manor, with its huge two-storied gateway that housed the manorial orchestra and other servants. The buildings of the ensemble - the Officine and the Orangery - have survived to this day, and so have the fragments of the fence surrounding it. In 2006, sculptor and architect Gintaras Karosas began building the museum of Liubavas Manor, researching the history of the manorial site and the region. The buildings and surroundings of the manor are being restored by the Public Institution Europos Parkas making them fit to serve as a cultural and public function. In 2016, the baroque buildings of the Officine and the Orangery were preserved and adapted to the museum.

Address Liubavo k., Vilniaus r.
Telephone +370 5 2377077

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