Turaida Museum Reserve

The broad area of the Turaida Museum Reserve is rich with archaeological, architectural, historical and art monuments. They tell us about many historical events over thousands of years, starting from the 11th century. The Turaida Stone Castle, the Rose of Turaida Memorial, the Church and Church Hill, the Folk Song Garden and the  Folk Song Hill, and ancillary buildings of the manor are all in the 43.63 hectares area of the Turaida Museum Reserve.

Turaida Stone Castle

Turaida Castle Latvia

Turaida Castle Latvia

Most visitors consider the Turaida stone castle as the main dominance of the Museum Reserve and its visually the most impressive element. When looking down from a hot air balloon or in autumn eventide in the sunset from the opposite bank of the river Gauja in Sigulda, Turaida castle rises above green foliage of trees like a mighty ship built of red brick. The northern forecastle gate tower forms the forepart of this imaginative ship, the highest one of all its towers. Building of the castle started in 1214 according to directions given by Albert, archbishop of Riga in the place where in former times the wooden castle of Liv leader Kaupo was. The “Castellum” type fortress was built and named Fredeland what means “Land of Peace”. This name was not popular and the local name Turaida survived till today.

Improving the Castle

Perfection of the defensive system of the castle continued also in the next centuries. In 14th century a tower shaped southern section emerged, in the beginning of 15th century, after the invention of fire arms, the semi-rounded western tower was built. Along with building fortifications household buildings and living houses appeared in the inner yard of the castle. Small reconstruction work in the 17th century couldn't help the castle loosing its strategical meaning. After a fire in 1776 it wasn't reconstructed and in the course of time it was ruined. In the beginning of the 20th century only separate fragments of the defense wall and some buildings remained from Turaida castle. Since 1976 regular archaeological excavations were carried out, followed by restoration and conservation works as a result castle regained a part of its first shape. Exhibitions about the history of the castle and Gauja Livs are available in restored buildings. From the view place of the main tower you can see the unique landscape of picturesque Gauja valley and territory of Turaida Museum Reserve.

Weather in Turaida

Today is forecast to be Cooler than yesterday.
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Cloudy. Temps nearly steady in the low to mid 30s. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph.
High 34° / Low 26°

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