akropolis-vilniusAkropolis Vilnius is one of the largest shopping centers in Vilnius and in fact in the country. An excellent shopping mall! Largest and beautiful mall in Vilnius. You can easily spend a whole day here. Any superstore and a DIY shop will take your half of the day.
Plenty of shops from many international fashion, food, electronics brands. You can try the Ice-skating, or seat near the window and keep watching how they move so fluidly. Parking is free. Many bus services to and from Akropolis. It even has its own indoor skating ring.

AddressOzo g. 18, LT-08243, Vilnius
Opening hoursDaily 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Ozas Shopping Centers in Vilnius

ozas-shopping-center-vilniusAt Ozas you will find everything you need to look good and, most importantly, to feel confident, have a great time and enjoy a delicious meal or top-quality coffee. On the first and second floors of Ozas, you will find the famous and new trademarks Zara, Peek & Cloppenburg, Reserved, the most popular ones in the Baltic states, and as many as 18 unique shops that are only here. If you need advice or company while you shop, a personal stylist is at your service.

On the third floor, you will find grocery stores and entertainment. You will find yourself in a space that offers cuisine from around the world, a gym, a cinema and a family entertainment park. Don’t worry about parking: there are more than 2500 spaces in the indoor parking lot!

AddressOzo g. 25, LT-07150 Vilnius
Opening hoursDaily 08:00 am - 11:00 pm

Panorama Shopping centers in Vilnius

Panorama-shopping-center-vilniusThis is certainly the only place in the city where in an enormous 65,000 sq. m. commercial space every customer feels comfortable and satisfied because of the unique triangle layout of the shopping and entertainment center. After shopping for yourself, your family and friends or for your home you won’t feel tired, even if you go through the shopping center several times. Panorama is home to 20 cafe's and restaurants so that shopping is easier and your free time is more pleasant.
On every floor of the shopping center you’ll find a cozy corner where you can have a coffee or a tasty snack.

AddressSaltoniškių g. 9, LT-08243, Vilnius
Opening hoursDaily 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Europa shopping Center

EUROeuropa-shopping-centers-vilniusPA is a shopping center in Vilnius  of style, elegance and fashion. Its concept is based on a “good style, good attitude” philosophy, which became a foundation for the EUROPA brand. It connects style with personality, quality concepts with intellect and understanding, conceptual retail design with sincere service and beautiful communication. They aim to connect the shopping center with personalities, people who strive to succeed in what they do, who seek classic values with a twist of modernity.

AddressKonstitucijos pr. 7A, LT-09308 Vilnius
Opening hoursDaily 07:00 am - 00:00 pm

Gedimino 9 (G09)

g09 shopping center vilnius lithuaniaGO9 is perhaps the only shopping center in Vilnius that combines historic architecture with modernity. Built in 1873, in was Graph Lieutenant General Dimitry Mavros residence. At the beginning of 20th century it was the first Vilnius nightclub “Palas de Dance”, later it housed the various newspaper editorials, government, was a building of Vilnius City Municipality. In 2005, Irish company purchased the building. It was renovated and already in 2007 began to act as a shopping center. In 2012, shopping center acquired by Swedish investment company East Capital. GO9 was reconstructed by combining Scandinavian minimalism, Italian modernity and historical architectural heritage traditions.
In 2013, at the end of September, earlier and a part of new traders started to act. Existing visitors and new customers will appreciate substantially updated interior, monthly growing new shops, restaurants and a number of café's

AddressGedimino pr. 9, Vilnius
Opening hoursDaily 10:00 am - 08:00 pm

Markets in Vilnius

Kalvariu Turgus

Kalvariu Turgus Vilnius

Kalvariu Turgus Vilnius

Featuring everything from old ladies selling garlic bulbs and carrier bags to the occasional bargain goat (cash only), one of the city's most endangered species is a must-see attraction to anyone who wants a taste of what the rest of the country's really like. One of the best places in town for meat, locally produced honey and cameras manufactured in the USSR, also find tropical fish, manbags, Minsk bicycles and cheap cigarettes from Roma girls near the main entrance.

If you make it to the other side of the market (near Rinktinės Street) on a weekend morning, you’ll find a small flea market here. Books, shoes, records – all things people would like to get rid of as well as some collectibles. Whatever you’d like to buy, don’t forget to bargain – any self-respecting vendor will always try and charge you a price that is somewhat higher that what he’d be happy to sell his goods for.

AddressKalvariu gatve 61, Vilnius
Opening hoursTuesday - Sunday 07:00 am - 16:00 pm

Tymo Market

Tymo Turgus Vilnius

Tymo Turgus Vilnius

Laboring under the unofficial moniker The Little Good Food & Culture Festival, this twice-a-week (Thursday and Saturday) jaunt into the world of possible alternatives churns out all manner of environmentally friendly food from local farmers and well as soaps, cosmetics and the like. Politically edgy in the fluffiest sense, the market also hosts a regular event where people can vent their spleens a la Hyde park Corner, plus there's place to go for free second-hand clothing and the occasional musical performance.

Weather In Vilnius Lithuania

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