Pilies Street Vilnius Old Town

Pilies Street in Vilnius Old Town once led from the gates of the Lower Castle to the Town Hall. It's now divided into two parts, becoming Didzioji Street from the Orthodox Church of St. Paraskeva. Its continuation from the junction at Subaciaus Street to Ausros Gate is Ausros Vartu Street.

Pilies Street is without doubt the most visited street by tourists in Vilnius. There are souvenir stalls and plenty of restaurants.

The street is one of the oldest in the city. Several picturesque streets with old buildings branch of to the right and left, and the street itself borders on the university campus. Of interest at the head of the street are several buildings with Renaissance features.

Feliks Zawadski Apartment House Vilnius

Feliks Zawadski House Pilies Street

Feliks Zawadski House Pilies Street

Some Vilnius Old Town houses acquired an Art Nouveau look after renovation in the beginning of the 20th century. The most prominent example of this is Feliks Zawadski's house on Pilies Street. A 3rd floor was commissioned according to a design by Wladyslaw Stypulkowski. Metal galleries in the courtyard replaced the wooden ones.

The new asymmetrical facade designed by the architect features an oriel window and a turret over the entrance. With proportions that suit the Old Town, it fits in with its surroundings.

In 1904, another architect (Mikhail Prozorov) had drawn up a plan to cover the courtyard of the building. A metal construction was to support a glass roof. This project was never realized.

Around the Slapelis Museum Vilnius

Marijos ir Jurgio Šlapelių namas muziejus

Slapelis museum Pilies Street

The museum of the publishers Marija and Jurgis Slapelis is on Pilies gatve number 40. The collection includes books, newspapers, documents and miscellaneous items which belonged to the family.

Objects, of the cultural and scientific heritage of Eastern Lithuania from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries are being accumulated.

Around the corner, Latako Street descends towards the Vilnia River. Boksto Street meanders ahead towards the left, and Isganytojo Street turns down from it a bit further along.

Latako and Isganytojo both lead towards the St. Anne and St. Bernadine church complex, and to the district of Uzupis.

Take A Vilnius Balloon Ride

Nothing beats a Vilnius Balloon Ride when the sky is clear ! Vilnius is the only European capital which allows hot air balloons over the city, so you'll have a fantastic view.

Russian Orthodox Church of St. Paraskeva Pilies Street

Russian Orthodox Church of St. Paraskeva Pilies Street

The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Paraskeva, also at this junction, is reminiscent of the 16th, or even the 14th century. But it's best known for the romantic legend which claims that Tsar Peter I baptized the African general Hannibal, forefather of Alexander Pushkin, here in 1705.

The present-day historicist style church is from 1864 and it's according to a design by Nikolaj Chagin.

AddressDidzioji 2/Pilies g Vilnius

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