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Hněvín Castle Most

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Most

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Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Most
Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Most

The devout believe that faith can move mountains. The people of the Czech town of Most believed faith (and civil engineering) could move the entirety of the Gothic church at the historic center of their town to a new location about 2,755 feet away. And so they did.

In the 1960’s the discovery of rich supplies of lignite under the town center seduced authorities to expand mining operations there. Many buildings disappeared to make way for this project. But the 16th century Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was luckily spared.

After considering and rejecting a few alternatives like disassembling the church and putting it back together, the city selected a new location half a mile away, and the church moved there—on wheels.

How Do You Move A Church

It took 7 years to prepare for this huge and unprecedented operation. The building’s pillars and foundation were reinforced, and a circular ring supported the church’s circumference. All the structures in the way were demolished to clear the path for the big move, and rails were installed along the route. The building moved on 53 trucks and on September 30, 1975, it was time to get going.

With the help of hydraulics, the church began to inch towards its new location, moving at an average speed of 0.06 feet per minute. It reached its new home within a month.

The church was placed on a foundation made of iron and concrete. It took another 12 years to complete the restoration. Re-consecration happend in 1993. Visitors today admire the Gothic interiors as well as the story of this incredible move. It earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Hněvín Castle Most

Hněvín Castle Most
Hněvín Castle Most

The distinctive landmark of the town which is visible from afar is Hněvín castle. It’s a popular place for visitors with panoramic views of the countryside from the Krušné Mountains to the Central Bohemian Highlands.

On its premises is accommodation and a restaurant. The castle tower serves as a view-tower and there’s an observatory open to the public as well as an open-air theater.

The adventurous exhibition featuring Master Edward Kelley´s Workshop in the castle area is mainly designed for the youngest visitors to the castle and won’t be boring for their company.

In the workshop, you can reveal the secrets of the most famous tricks, which the alchemist used to astound the Emperor himself. Edward Kelley, the Court alchemist of Emperor Rudolf II, was in prison in Hněvín in 1596. A year later, he died there after an escape attempt from the castle’s dungeon.

Legend has it that before his death he cursed Hněvín castle and the town. With some exaggeration, we can say the curse worked. Old Most disappeared from the face of the earth due to coal mining.

Among the events the castle, the most popular is Master Edward Kelley´s Day, held in June. Visitors can see funny performances by magicians and wizards and performances from the Most theatre ensemble in the open-air theatre.

Have A Beer At The Mostecký Kahan Microbrewery

Mostecký Kahan Microbrewery
Mostecký Kahan Microbrewery

The Royal town of Most has had the right to brew beer since the Middle Ages. The governor of the area, Přemysl Otakar II, awarded it in 1273. At that time, beer production only belonged to the leading urban privileged.

The tradition of brewing beer in the old town of Most continues in the microbrewery Mostecký Kahan (Most burner). You can find it in the building of the Most cinema called “Kosmos”.

Located in the brewery is a restaurant and fans of the amber nectar have the opportunity to taste light lager there as well as dark or semi-dark beer and they have the opportunity to catch some beer specials.

The microbrewery also offers a guided tour where the visitors can become familiar with the process of beer brewing.

AddressObránců míru 2629, Most
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