Latgale District Riga Travel Guide

Latgale District Riga Travel Guide

Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Riga Latgale District

Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga
Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga

Located in the former Moscow Suburb (now Latgale district) is the Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady. It’s often called the Church of St Nicolas the Miracle Worker.

In the early 18th century there were already 2 Russian wooden churches in existence by the Charles Gate, but these disappeared in 1773, due to extension of  Riga’s fortifications. The church, which dates from 1774-1778, stands on a plot by the so-called “Guest Yard”.

During the war between Russia and France in 1812, all Riga’s suburbs burned down, as well as this church. A design for a new church, in Classical style, appeared in 1813. The new church was built between 1814 and 1818. In 1827 the church received a donation in the form of a 6,150 kilograms bell cast. Extensive repairs occurred in the 19th century, adding a glass porch.

Grebenstchikov Church Latgale District

Grebenstchikov Church Riga
Grebenstchikov Church Riga

Old Believers started migrating into the area of present-day Latvia in the 2nd half of the 17th century, when a schism occurred in the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Old Believers brought with them many 15th – 17th century item connected with ancient Russian religious culture. By the 19th century, their main church was the Grebenstchikov Church. The building dedicated to the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady is from 1814.

In 1823, the congregation renamed itself in honor of its benefactor, the Jelgava trader Aleksey Grebenstchikov. Restoration of the tower finished in 1999. This included gilding of the dome and restoration of the elaborated frieze.

In 2006, renovation of the porch and main staircase leading to the prayer hall took place. Nowadays, the complex also houses an icon restoration workshop and the Old Believers Museum, named after Ivan Zavoloko, a priest, archive researcher and collector of ethnographic works.

Church of Jesus Latgale District

Church of Jesus Latgale Riga
Church of Jesus Latgale Riga

The Church of Jesus, in the former Moscow suburb of Riga, is one of Latvia’s most outstanding examples of Classical architecture in wood. The Congregation of Jesus existed already in 1638, when the first church came to completion.

In 1733 the carpenter Tom Bohum designed the first church. It burned down in 1812, along with the other buildings in the Riga suburbs.

The present day church, built between 1818 and 1822, is by a design by Christian Friedrich Breitkreuz, an architect of the Livonian Province. Preserved in the church is a bronze bell from 1708, cast by Jacob Rohde, a master who came from Danzig (Gdansk).

Since 1994, the Congregation of Jesus has gradually restored its church. This included renovation of the tower and its dome.

AddressElijas iela 18, Riga
Telephone+371 67 224 123

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