Kobarid Slovenia Travel Guide 3 Amazing Tips

Kobarid Slovenia Travel Guide 3 Amazing Tips

Kobarid is a small town in Slovenia known for the 1917 Battle of Caporetto. The town is the westernmost in Slovenia. It’s situated within the Julian Alps in the Upper Soča Valley, at the confluence with the Nadiža River, close to the border with Italy.

People inhabited Kobarid since prehistoric times. There are archaeological remains from the Hallstatt period in the area. The nearby Tonocov Grad archaeological site has remains of 5th century Roman buildings.

Kobarid Museum

Kobarid Museum Slovenia
Kobarid Museum Slovenia

If the weather in Kobarid lets you down, a visit to the Kobarid Museum is a good way to waste some time. The Kobarid Museum developed from a museum collection set up by the locals with professional help of the Goriški muzej in 1990.

It first operated within the frame of the Tourist Society of Kobarid. Five years later, the founders transferred the management to a non-profit company which still manages the Museum. In 2011, the Kobarid Museum made it in the official register of Slovenian museums.

The museum received the highest Slovenian award in the museum sphere for its activities, the Valvasor Prize. It also received a nomination for the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) and a prize from the Council of Europe Museums. Many notable persons have visited the Museum.

Since its establishment the museum has organized more than 40 exhibitions both at home and abroad. A series of presentations of the European nations participating in the Kobarid Battle needs special attention.

Likewise, some exhibitions organized in European capitals (Vienna, Rome, Paris, Ljubljana, Zagreb) during the Slovenian EU presidency received much appreciation. There were also more than 200 different cultural events in the cycle of the so-called Museum Evenings.

Sacrario dei Caduti di Caporetto Kobarid

Sacrario dei Caduti di Caporetto
Sacrario dei Caduti di Caporetto

The military memorial Caporetto or Anthony shrine is an Italian military memorial in Kobarid Slovenia. It houses the remains of 7,014 Italians who fell during the World War I.

Built by the Italian State, to which the region belonged at that time, the shrine is from September 1938. The head of government of the time, Benito Mussolini, opened it. The sculptor Giannino Castiglioni and the architect Giovanni Greppi designed and built it on the hill Gradic.

You can find it north of the town of Kobarid. Among the 7,014 corpses there are 1,748 unknown soldiers, collected in six graves on both sides of the central staircases.

From the main square of the country a tarmac road leads to the square above. Along the same road are the fourteen Stations of the Cross .

The crypt has a pyramidal shape with an octagonal base. On top of the building is a church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. Consecration was in 1696 and thus existing before the present one came into place. Moreover, the Italian State takes care of the memorial’s management.

AddressPot na gradič, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia

Kozjak Waterfall Kobarid

Veliki Kozjak

Kozjak Waterfall Kobarid
Kozjak Waterfall Kobarid

The Kozjak waterfall is close to the village of Kobarid in the foothills of the Julian Alps in western Slovenia, close to the border with Italy.

Access to the waterfall is along an undemanding and clearly signposted 20-minute trail overlooking the clear, turquoise waters of the Soča River, which is backed by lush alpine forest.

Kobarid Slovenia Map and Kobarid Weather

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