Jurmala Latvia’s Amazing See Side Resort

Jurmala Latvia Beach

Jurmala Latvia
Jurmala Latvia

The biggest resort in the Baltic Countries, located by the Baltic Sea is Jurmala (Latvian: Jūrmala), which is 25 km west from Riga and 15 km from Riga International Airport.

The treasure of Jurmala is its 26 km of white quartz sand beach. It is one of the most awesome beaches where the Blue flag flies which confirms that the beach is safe, facilitated and the water is of good quality.

The beach has all the necessary infrastructure for daily relaxation. It’s equipped with changing cabins, benches, toilets, children’s playgrounds, and summer cafes.

Free WiFi is available on most of the beaches and for active recreation, there is an opportunity to rent equipment for water sports or play volleyball or football on free of charge football and volleyball pitches.

For the safety of the guests, life-saving stations are operating on seven beaches. Since 2013, the beach of Kauguri is available for the visibly impaired, while Vaivari beach is available for people in wheelchairs.

Health Therapies in Jurmala

The secret of Jurmala’s attractiveness lies in the unique combination of resort factors:

Climate – Climate therapy, Thalassotherapy, Psammotherapy, Air therapy with pine forests and pure, ionized air, Mineral Waters – Balneological therapy, sulfur, bromine salt, and mineral waters and healing mud – treatments with peat and sapropel mud that comes from Kemeri, a historical part of Jurmala. It is a year-round resort, suitable for recreational experiences and treatments, ideal for children and seniors.

Clear sea air has a very good influence on organisms, lungs, and skin. Mud applications are used for treatments and prophylaxis of different diseases. It also has a positive impact on human well-being and decreases emotional stress. Resort rehabilitation centers, hotels, and spa centers offer up to 400 different types of health-procedures and treatments all year round.


Train from Riga to Jurmala

Riga Train Station
Riga Train Station

It’s easy to get to Jurmala by train from Riga train station. A ticket will not set you back more than EUR 0,80 one way (buy a return and it will be even cheaper). The trip takes more or less half an hour. Buy a ticket on the Sloka line or the Dubulti line.

The most popular beach station is Majori, you’ll find a boulevard with shops and restaurants her. Any stop further will bring you to beaches more quiet, bur also with lesser facilities. Pumpuri is the most quiet of all.



Did You Know ?

Jurmala is the only spa city in Latvia and the first Latvian city to be admitted to the European Spas Association

Climb The Viewing Tower Of Dzintari Forest Park

Dzintari Forest Park Jurmala
Dzintari Forest Park Jurmala

The viewing tower in Dzintari Forest Park is the highest point of free access in the center of Jurmala. From here the wonderful landscape of Jurmala can be observed. The viewing platform of the tower is located at the height of 33.5 m above the ground and is hiding among tall pine trees in the most popular walking park of the city.

Here children can play in playgrounds, ride with electro-cars, but rollerskaters and skaters can enjoy a smooth ride on the pavement equipped specifically for the roller skaters or challenge their strength in the skate-park.

Jurmala City Museum

Jurmala City Museum
Jurmala City Museum

The Jurmala City Museum, which is one of the most modern museums in Latvia, contains many items that tell about life in this legendary spa town from the late 19th century up until the present day.

Of particular note is the swimsuit collection, which mainly focuses on women’s swimwear from the 20th century.

Visit The Art Station Dubulti In Jurmala

Art Station Dubulti Jurmala
Art Station Dubulti Jurmala

Art Station Dubulti is the only modern art space in Europe located in a functioning railway station. Finished in 1977, the station was renovated in 2015 to create an art platform open to the public.

It’s a great example of how to unite transport and culture, creating a convenient place to host lectures, discussions, and exhibitions.

Where To Eat in Jurmala

The Light House Jurmala
The Light House Jurmala

Jurmala has plenty of food options, mainly concentrated on and around Jomal iela.

Two of my favorites are Majorenhoff just opposite of the Majori train station, and The House of Light a bit further down Jomas iela on number 63. Both have a good choice of dishes and very friendly service.

How To Get To Jurmala

The easiest way to reach Jurmala from Riga is by train. The trip takes less than 30 minutes, and a one-way ticket will set you back EUR 1,50 (last time I checked was August 2020).

Jurmala Latvia Map and Local Weather

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