Exploring Vilnius Old Town

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Castles and Cathedral Square

  • Vilnius Cathedral
  • Belfry Of Vilnius Cathedral
  • Old Arsenal Vilnius
  • Palace Of The Grand Dukes Of Lithuania

Pilies Street - Main Street In Old Town

  • Feliks Zawadski Apartment House
  • Around the Slapelis Museum
  • Russian Orthodox Church of St. Paraskeva

Ausros Vartu Street And The Madona

  • Basilian Monastery Gate
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Church of St. Theresa
  • Gates of Ausros Vartu
  • Painting of the Mother of God
  • Ausros Vartu Street Map

Traku and Dominikonu streets

  • Church of the Assumption and Franciscan Monastery
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Traku Street and Dominikonu Street Map

Vilniaus Street And Its Branches

  • Lithuanian Museum of Art
  • St. Catherines Church
  • Charitable Society Building
  • Army Officer's Residential Building
  • Vilnius Opera and Ballet Theater
  • Vilniaus Street Map

Former Jewish Ghetto Vilnius

  • Choral Synagogue
  • Vilna Gaon
  • Samuel Bak Museum
  • Monument to Zemach Shabad

Vilnius University and Daukanto Square

  • History Of Vilnius University
  • Courtyards of Vilnius University

St. Anne and Bernadine Churches

  • History of St. Anne and Bernardine ensemble
  • St. Anne and Bernardine Churches Map

Uzupis Independent Republic Vilnius

  • St. Bartholomew Church
  • Free Republic of Uzupis
  • Constitution of Užupis
  • Gallery “Užupio”
  • Uzupis Map

Did You Know ?

Chernobyl, the highest-rated TV series on IMDB, was primarily filmed in the Vilnius neighbourhood of Fabijoniškės

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