Tallinn Estonia Travel Guide

Chose Your Tallinn Estonia Area

Tallinn Old Town

  • The Master Courtyard
  • St. Catherine's Passage
  • Borsi Passage
  • Ukrainian Church
  • St Nicolas Church Niguliste Museum
  • Swedish St. Michael's Church
  • St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Tallinn Legends Interactive Museum
  • Viru Gate
  • Estonian Food Museum
  • The Energy Discovery Center

Rotermann Quarter

  • Short History of Rotermann Quarter
  • Stalker's Path
  • Freedom Square
  • Monument for Independence
  • Museum of Estonian Architecture
  • Kalev Chocolate Shop

Kalamaja District

  • Short History of Kalamaja
  • ennusadam (Seaplane Harbor)
  • Kalma Sauna
  • Kalamaja Map

Did you Know ?

Tallinn’s Old Town is divided into two areas, the lower town and the upper town. Those two towns were once separated by gates, almost like two different cities.

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