Kaniv Ukraine Travel Guide

The Assumption Cathedral Kaniv
Picturesque and ancient, Kaniv was once one of Kyivan Rus’ largest cities. At that time, it was an outpost used for diplomatic meetings between Old Russian tsars and ambassadors of militant tribes. In the 18th century, it became a popular destination for elderly Cossacks. They...
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Kharkiv Ukraine Travel Guide

Annunciation Cathedral Kharkiv
The Annunciation Cathedral is the most beautiful temple in Kharkiv – one of the largest cities in Ukraine and its former capital. The history of the cathedral dates back to the 17th century when it was not a monumental cathedral, but a small wooden church....
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Odesa Ukraine Travel Guide

Shah Palace Odesa Ukraine
Crowning the abrupt precipice in the historical part of the city, the Shah Palace is one of the most beautiful and magnificent structures in Odesa. Constructed in Neo-Gothic style, it stands out against other old buildings of the city and represents its true adornment that...
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Ternopil Ukraine Travel Guide

Ternopil Old Castle Water View
Ternopil is one of the largest cities of western Ukraine, in its heart and having the status of an important trade centre. It's a quiet, green city with a unique atmosphere, bright history and a plethora of interesting natural, historical and architectural sites. The name...
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Chernivtsi Ukraine Travel Guide

Chernivtsi Ukraine
The Austrian Emperor Joseph II founded the Central Square of Chernivtsi. He visited Chernivtsi before and gave an order to local authorities to build a proper square for market and fair organization. According to a decision form 1787, a square appeared in the southern suburb...
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Kyiv Ukraine A First Impression

Kiev Pechersk Lavra
Kyiv is a city which has ambitions and a taste for grand scopes. Packed with contrasts, it boasts wide boulevards, historical architecture and gilded church domes. They even glitter on days when the rest of the city covers itself in almost impenetrable fog. It has plenty...
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