Maribor Slovenia Guide

Maribor Regional Museum
Today, Maribor castle consists of two parts, the administrative court of the sovereign prince, built between 1478 and 1481, and the North-eastern corner of the city’s defense system (the castle’s bastion and the lodge). In 1620, when the Counts Khiessl gained ownership of the castle, they...
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Kobarid Slovenia Guide

Kobarid Slovenia
Kobarid is a small town in Slovenia known for the 1917 Battle of Caporetto. The municipality is the westernmost in Slovenia, situated within the Julian Alps in the Upper Soča Valley, at the confluence with the Nadiža River, close to the border with Italy. People...
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Ljubljana Capital of Slovenia

Preseren Sqaure Ljubljana
One of Europe's most picturesque capitals, Ljubljana moves alfresco almost in its entirety. The capital of Slovenia has many urban green spaces such as the Labyrinth of Art, a tree-lined path with a “reading island” of books to sample. If the city wasn't green enough, you'll...
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