Moscow Kremlin Travel Guide

Kremlin Moscow
The Kremlin dominates Red Square, the left bank of the Moskva River, history, religion, politics, Moscow, and Russia itself. And, of course, any visit to the capital. It is the fortified and beating heart of Russia, and the first place you should visit. The closed...
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Vyborg Russia Travel Guide

Vyborg Russia
Vyborg, a Gulf of Finland port and rail junction, 174 km northwest of St Petersburg and just 30 km from the Finnish border, is an appealing provincial town dominated by a medieval castle and peppered with decaying Finnish Art-Nouveau buildings and romantic cobblestone streets. The...
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Kazan Travel Guide Tatar Russia

Kazan (meaning a cooking pot in Tatar) is the Istanbul of the Volga, is a place where Europe and Asia curiously inspect each other from the tops of church belfries and minarets. Kazan is an ancient place, about 150 years older than Moscow . Its millennium...
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Smolensk Russia Travel Guide 6 Amazing Tips

Smolensk Russia
One of the oldest cities in Russia – contemporary to Novgorod – Smolensk carries plenty of cultural history into the present day. Ancient walls, onion dome cathedrals and well-landscaped parks are strewn across the undulating hills of this mid-sized city. The highlight is the magnificent...
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Ulan Ude Russia Travel Guide

Ulan Ude Russia
The appealing capital of Buryatiya, Ulan Ude (Oelan-Oede), is 456km east of Irkutsk by rail and makes a sensible staging post for visiting Mongolia or eastern Lake Baikal. Founded as Verkhneudinsk in 1775, the city prospered as a major stop on the tea-caravan route from...
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Moscow Is Always Awake

Moscow Russia
Moscow is one of the largest, most densely populated, expensive and powerful cities on the face of Planet Earth. Almost 5 million more people live in Moscow than live in Berlin. It stands to reason, therefore, that the pace of life at work and at...
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