Day trip Outside Bucharest

If you think you have seen all in Bucharest, a day trip outside Bucharest will learn you even more about Romania. Bucharest is a great starting point for exploring Romania. The Mogoșoaia Palace (Palatul Mogoșoaia) is on the shores of a lake only 14 kilometers northeast...
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9 Museums in Bucharest

National Art Museum Bucharest Romania's National Art Museum in Bucharest is in what was once the Royal Palace, which itself was built over ten years (1927-1937) and designed by the Romanian architect N. Nenciulescu. After the fall of the monarchy, the building was designated as the...
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Bucharest Capital of Romania

Athenaeum Bucharest
The Romanian Athenaeum is Bucharest's most prestigious concert hall. The idea for a building that would serve as a temple of the arts and sciences arose among the most illustrious minds of Bucharest's cultural and scientific circles in the second half of the 19th-century. Donations...
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