Timisoara Romania Guide

Timisoara Romenia
History of Timisoara Timisoara Romania People lived in Timisoara (Timișoara) since ancient times. First there were the Dacians and later the Romans, who named it Castrum Temesiense. First mentioned in 1212 as a citadel, by the 14th century it became an important outpost in the fight between...
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Constanta Romania Guide

Mamaia Resort Constanta
Casino Constanta Casino Constanta Romania Once an opulent Art Nouveau hotspot, the Casino Constanta is one of Romania's most beautiful abandoned buildings. Commanding a dramatic location right on the waterfront of the Black Sea overlooking the ancient port at Constanta, the Casino was a triumph...
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Day trip Outside Bucharest

If you think you have seen all in Bucharest, a day trip outside Bucharest will learn you even more about Romania. Bucharest is a great starting point for exploring Romania. The Mogoșoaia Palace (Palatul Mogoșoaia) is on the shores of a lake only 14 kilometers northeast...
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9 Museums in Bucharest

National Art Museum Bucharest Romania's National Art Museum in Bucharest is in what was once the Royal Palace, which itself was built over ten years (1927-1937) and designed by the Romanian architect N. Nenciulescu. After the fall of the monarchy, the building was designated as the...
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Bucharest Capital of Romania

Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest Athenaeum Bucharest The Romanian Athenaeum is Bucharest's most prestigious concert hall. The idea for a building that would serve as a temple of the arts and sciences arose among the most illustrious minds of Bucharest's cultural and scientific circles in the second...
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