Plock Poland Guide

Plock Poland
The picturesquely located city of Plock (Płock) was the first capital of the Mazovia province and for a short period it was even Poland’s capital. It's one of the oldest towns in Poland with a 1,000 years' worth of history. Today Plock is a significant...
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Radom Poland Guide

Radom Poland
Though Radom is rather more industrial than a natural tourist destination, it is still worth visiting because of its historical buildings and local traditions that reflect the city's long history. Radom witnessed many historical and political changes, including the strikes in 1976 that led to...
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Pruszkow Poland Guide

Pruszkow Sokol Palace
Pruszkow (Pruszków) is a sizable town by the Utata river, on the west side of Warsaw. It is one of the most significant industrial centers in Masovia as well as a very important sport and recreation center. Post-war Pruszkow lost its former value and became Warsaw’s...
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