5 Museums in Zagreb Croatia

Mimara Museum Zagreb
The Museum of Arts and Crafts (Muzej za umjetnost i obrt) was first established in 1880 to house collections of artworks by craftsmen and artists. Hermann Bollé designed the building and it was built between 1887 and 1892. More the 3,000 objects of applied arts from the...
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Visegrad Hungary Guide

Visegrad Citadel
Visegrad (Visegrád) was always in the center of attention during history due to its favorable amenities and essential strategical role. The earliest traces of a human presence lead us to the New Stone Age, and from the Bronze Age the town and its surroundings have...
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Hvar Croatia Guide

Hvar Croatia
Part of the central Dalmatian archipelago, Hvar is the longest island in Croatia, known for its lavender fields, hillside vineyards, and delicious delicacies from the Adriatic Sea. In between wandering the ancient marble streets, exploring the beaches and discovering the hidden underwater caves, you can...
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