Aldaris Brewery Riga

Aldaris Beer Museum Riga
The Aldaris brewery was originally in the Sarkandaugava district of Riga, a working-class area on the outskirts of the city. Now this building houses a beer museum, called the Aldara alus darbnīca, which introduces visitors to the world of beer. It takes them through the...
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Jelgava Latvia Guide

Jelgava Latvia
The story of Jelgava, Latvia is heartbreaking. Founded in 1265 by the Livonians, the city grew prosperous and by the 16th century was the seat of the Duchy of Courland. The nobility built fine mansions and churches, and the city’s beauty rivaled that of Riga. But...
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Northern District Riga Guide

Daugavgriva White Church Riga
The Orthodox Church of St Peter and St Paul, built within the fortress known as the Riga Citadel, is one of the outstanding Classical style monuments in the Baltic region. Catherine II, Empress of Russia issued an edict in 1776, which allowed the establishment of the...
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Turaida Latvia Guide

Turaida Castle Latvia
The broad area of the Turaida Museum Reserve is rich with archaeological, architectural, historical and art monuments. They tell us about many historical events over thousands of years, starting from the 11th century. The Turaida Stone Castle, the Rose of Turaida Memorial, the Church and...
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Vidzeme district Riga

Ascension of Christ Church Riga
At one time Biker Church was one of the centers of parochial care in the Bailiwick in Riga. The first wooden chapel was here already in 1690. The foundation stone for a new stone church was laid in 1765. In October 1766, the church was consecrated...
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Latgale district Riga

Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga
Located in the former Moscow Suburb (now Latgale district) is the Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady, often called the Church of St Nicolas the Miracle Worker. In the early 18th century there were already 2 Russian wooden churches in existence by...
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Kurzeme district Riga

Daugavgriva Fortress Kurzeme Riga
St Martin's Church, close to Agenkalns Cemetery, is one of Riga's earliest Eclectic style churches. The idea of building a church developed among the members of the congregation in 1845, in the lead-up to a major anniversary of Martin Luther. In 1850, the congregation obtained approval for...
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