Top Restaurants in Riga

COD Robata Grill Bar Riga

A true fine-dining establishment, COD is the brainchild of people who will settle for no less than perfection. Brand chef Uvis Janičenko – who was trained at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant RyuGin by one of the best chefs in Japan, Seiji Yamamoto – has created a menu that is contemporary yet true to the cornerstones of… Continue reading Top Restaurants in Riga

Art Nouveau in Riga

Strēlnieku 4a Riga

Art Nouveau appeared as an architectural style in Riga at the turn of the 20th century, when the city experienced a construction boom and its population was growing. Half of the buildings in Riga’s city centre are Art Nouveau edifices. The largest concentration of these buildings are in the so-called Quiet Centre, which is a… Continue reading Art Nouveau in Riga

Liepaja Latvia Travel Guide

Liepaja Latvia

Located between a lake and the sea, the port city of Liepaja has gradually grown from a small fishing village into the musical capital of Latvia. It’s a great destination to enjoy art and music, while the sea and sandy beaches attract many travelers seeking relaxation. What to do in Liepja ? Continue reading. Eight… Continue reading Liepaja Latvia Travel Guide

Bauska Latvia Guide

Bauska is a town in the Zemgale region, which is famous for its rich fields of grain and is also knows as Latvia’s “granary”. But the first inhabitants of Bauska are said the have been reindeer hunters. As time went by, major trade routes from Europe to Riga were developed and passed through the town.

Aldaris Brewery Riga A Perfect Day Out In Latvia’s Capital

Aldaris Beer Museum Riga

The Aldaris brewery was originally in the Sarkandaugava district of Riga, a working-class area on the outskirts of the city. Now this building houses a beer museum. It’s called the Aldara alus darbnīca, which introduces visitors to the world of beer. It takes them through the 13 steps of the beer brewing process, revealing some… Continue reading Aldaris Brewery Riga A Perfect Day Out In Latvia’s Capital

Jelgava Latvia Travel Guide 6 Amazing Tips

Jelgava Latvia

The story of Jelgava, Latvia is heartbreaking. Founded in 1265 by the Livonians, the city grew prosperous and by the 16th century was the seat of the Duchy of Courland. The nobility built fine mansions and churches, and the city’s beauty rivaled that of Riga. But in 1944 tragedy struck. Jelgava had the misfortune to be… Continue reading Jelgava Latvia Travel Guide 6 Amazing Tips

Northern District Riga Guide

Daugavgriva White Church Riga

The Orthodox Church of St Peter and St Paul, built within the fortress known as the Riga Citadel, is one of the outstanding Classical style monuments in the Baltic region. Catherine II, Empress of Russia issued an edict in 1776, which allowed the church its establishment. In 1780, George Brown, Governor of the Livonian Province, sought permission… Continue reading Northern District Riga Guide

Turaida Latvia Guide

Turaida Castle Latvia

The broad area of the Turaida Museum Reserve is rich with archaeological, architectural, historical and art monuments. They tell us about many historical events over thousands of years, starting from the 11th century. The Turaida Stone Castle, the Rose of Turaida Memorial, the Church and Church Hill, the Folk Song Garden and the  Folk Song… Continue reading Turaida Latvia Guide