Visegrad Hungary Guide

Visegrad Citadel
Visegrad (Visegrád) was always in the center of attention during history due to its favorable amenities and essential strategical role. The earliest traces of a human presence lead to the New Stone Age. From the Bronze Age the town and its surroundings have been inhabited....
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Vac Hungary Travel Guide

Vac Hungary
The exhibit in Vac (Vác), Hungary is the result of a mummy bonanza discovered during a routine restoration of the town’s Dominican church. In 1994 workers discovered a secret crypt, bricked up for over 200 years. Inside, there were 265 hand-painted coffins, one on top of the...
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Vizivaros Budapest Guide

Vizivaros Budapest
Between Castle Hill and the western bank of the Danube, extending north from the Chain Bridge towards Margit körút, is the area known as Vizivaros or Water Town. This area gained its name in the Middle Ages due to constant flooding. It was originally an...
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