The young and talented Budapest fashion designers of Hungary’s capital, the fabulous showrooms and hip brand stores are sure to leave an impression on those who follow contemporary fashion trends. Founded by the creative duo Dalma Devenyi and Tibor Kiss in 2005, Je Suis Belle is one Hungary’s leading fashion brands, standing out with joyful collections and innovative techniques. Its designers have presented their collections in New York and made clothes for the likes of actress Tilda Swinton.

Matyo embroidery budapest fashion hungaryUSE Unused is another successful and popular Hungaryn brand. Set up in 2004 by Eszter Fuzes, Attila Godena-Juhasz and Andras Toht, it’s known for its minimalist style and ascetic cuts. The refined collections by award-winning fashion designer Dora Konsanszky, for their part, display the influence of French haute couture. The local wear and folk fashion brand Matyodesign has successfully combined Hungary’s traditional needlework, embroidery and lace-making techniques with contemporary design, issuing tasteful clothing and accessories that include white folk-style blouses and with Matyo floral patterns. Traditional Matyo embroidery features intricate hand-sewn flower patterns (mainly roses) on white or black cloth. The best-known Matyo settlements are Mezokovesd, Tard and Szentistvan in northeastern Hungary. This region has been famous since the 15th century for its rich cultural heritage and folk tradition.

Shopping for Budapest fashion and design

An overview on some fine places to go for fashion designer shopping in Budapest:

Mono Fashion

Showcasing various brands of local designers, Mono Fashion is one of the most popular stores of its kind in the Budapest fashion scene. Here one will find stylish and eclectic clothing items, as well as jewelery and accessories for men and women by such well-known Hungaryn brands as Anh Tuan, Nanushka, USE Unused and Je Suis Belle. Young designers display their latest creations in the shop windows and small-scale exhibitions are also hosted.

Address Kossuth Lajos utca 20, Budapest, Hungary


One of the most stylish fashion retail spaces in Budapest and the largest vintage and designer store in Hungary. The 300 m2 retro-style interior features specially selected vintage-style one-piece exemplars from all over the world. There are also authentic ethno style clothing and fashion collections by various Hungaryn brands. This includes Blind Chick clothes for an active lifestyle, Urban Legend cycling apparel and street-ware, Dora Mojzes gothic romanticism and dark glamour items, funky clothing by Acid & Zorro and accessories by Derszu and Ms. Herskin.

Address Anker koz 2, Budapest, Hungary


Fashion designer Szandra Sandor’s flagship store has been open since 2011. It’s a must-visit destination for fashion and design aficionados. Named Nanushka in honor of Sandor’s childhood nickname, it carries cosmopolitan clothing collections in a striking white interior inspired by wedding tents. Rich cloth draperies extend from the floor to the ceiling, contrasting markedly with the store’s wood and steel elements. Budapest fashion the best it gets.

Address Daek Ferenc utca 17, Budapest, Hungary

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