Praga Warsaw District 14 Must See Sites

Lifesize Sculpture Praga Warsaw
Cross the Vistula River from the Old Town of Warsaw and you’ll find yourself in Praga. Characterized by its crumbling factories, warehouses and gritty streets, this arty underbelly hugging the east side of the Visulta is undeniably cool, with new bohemian bars, galleries, studios and...
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Krosno Poland Guide

Carpathian Troy in Trzcinica near Krosno
Krosno is the most renown center of industrial glass production in Poland. During a visit to the Glass Heritage Center, you may see for yourself how Krosno glass production works, or even blow a glass dish yourself. For 90 years glass was the focal point...
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Gniezno Poland Guide

Biskupin near Griezno Poland
Situated on seven hills among lakes of the Wielkopolska region is Gniezno. It's Poland’s first capital and the baptizing place of the first ruler of Poland, Mieszko I, in 966. Today a monumental Gothic cathedral occupies the spot featuring Gniezno Doors. It's a masterpiece of...
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Krakow Poland 10 Places You Must See

Basilica of St Mary Krakow
The Wawel Cathedral in Krakow is Poland’s most important sanctuary. Starting with Władysław the Short, coronation of almost all Polish kings took place here. It's also the burial-place of many distinguished Poles. The first church, a pre-Romanesque rotunda, appeared on Wawel Hill after establishing the diocese in Krakow in 1000 AD....
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Zamosc Poland Guide

Armenian Houses Zamosc
Also known as the, ‘Pearl of the Renaissance,’ Poland’s unique town of Zamosc (Zamość), located near Warsaw and the border of Ukraine, is nearly picture perfect. It's a preserved example of Renaissance town planning. It's on the trade route linking western and northern Europe with...
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