Kaniv Ukraine Guide

The Assumption Cathedral Kaniv
Picturesque and ancient, Kaniv was once one of Kyivan Rus’ largest cities. At that time, it was an outpost used for diplomatic meetings between Old Russian tsars and ambassadors of militant tribes. Later, in the 18th century, it became a popular destination for elderly Cossacks,...
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Pristina Kosovo Guide

Kosovo Museum Pristina
This pretty ochre-painted villa housing the Kosovo Museum in Pristina was built by Austrians for the Turkish army in 1898. The Yugoslav national army used it until 1975. The museum used to have a rich collection of prehistoric objects uncovered in Kosovo. These were all spirited...
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Vyborg Russia Guide

Vyborg Russia
Vyborg, a Gulf of Finland port and rail junction, 174 km northwest of St Petersburg and just 30 km from the Finnish border, is an appealing provincial town dominated by a medieval castle and peppered with decaying Finnish Art-Nouveau buildings and romantic cobblestone streets.
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Lancut Poland Guide

Lancut Poland
Lancut Castle is one of the most magnificent aristocratic residences in Poland. In the interwar period, it hosted the likes of Ferdinand I, King of Romania, Prince George, Duke of Kent, Ignacy Mościcki, President of Poland, as well as Mary Pickford, an American silent film...
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Split Croatia Guide

Split Croatia
Shipyards, factories and a busy port present the modern face of Split, which expanded unchecked after World War II. The Old Town center is still full of charm, however. It grew up in and around the Emperor Diocletian's vast Roman palace, one of the largest...
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Krakow Piasek and Nowy Swiat Guide

Emeryk Hutten Czapski Museum Krakow
Piasek, known as Garbary until the 19th century, is west of the Old Quarter of Krakow. Frequent invasion and a lack of fortifications to prevent them hindered its development in the past. A number of settlements with independent jurisdictions existed between Garbary and Wawel. They...
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