Latgale district Riga

Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga
Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga Located in the former Moscow Suburb (now Latgale district) is the Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady, often called the Church of...
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Zabrze Poland Guide

Zabrze Poland
Zabrze Poland The oldest district of Zabrze is Biskupice, a place first mentioned in 1242. A number of small houses in what then was just a small village were situated along the street now known as Staromiejska, which runs towards Gliwice. The inhabitants farmed the...
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Olsztyn Poland Guide

Olsztyn Castle
Castle of Olsztyn Olsztyn Castle The castle in Olsztyn was under the Kingdom of Poland from the mid-15th century and Catholic Church officials of the Warmian Chapter were responsible for administrating it. One of them was Nicolaus Copernicus, who in 1516-1521 administered the chapter’s property, including its nearby lands...
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Chernivtsi Ukraine Guide

Chernivtsi Ukraine
Chernivtsi Central Sqaure Chernivtsi Central Square The Central Square of Chernivtsi was founded on the initiative of Austrian Emperor Joseph II, who had been to Chernivtsi before and gave an order to local authorities to build a proper square for market and fair organization. In...
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Kurzeme district Riga

Daugavgriva Fortress Kurzeme Riga
St Martin Evangelical Luthern Church St Martin Church Kurzeme Riga St Martin's Church, close to Agenkalns Cemetery, is one of Riga's earliest Eclectic style churches. The idea of building a church developed among the members of the congregation in 1845, in the lead-up to a...
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Parnu Estonia Guide

Parnu Estonia
The biggest attraction of Parnu (Pärnu) is the beach, which runs along the edge of the city, and can accommodate about 40,000 people. In the summer, Parnu comes to life around the beach, where there's also an opportunity for dining and shopping, and renting a...
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Mostar Bosnia-Herzegovina Guide

Mostar Bosnia Herzegovina
Mostar Bosnia Herzegovina The historic city of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina is both charming and complicated; idyllic and evocative. The first sight of the centerpiece bridge makes visitors swoon – but seeking out lesser-visited corners of the city can result in an everlasting love.  Old Bridge Mostar...
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Gora Poland Guide

Gora Poland
The settlement Gora (Góra) in the Duchy of Silesia was first mentioned in a deed from 1155 by Pope Adrian IV conveying the property to the Diocese of Wroclaw. The name of the town means "hill" or "mountain" in Old Polish. In 1288 it became...
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