Pruszkow Poland Guide

Pruszkow Poland Pruszkow (Pruszków) is a sizable town by the Utata river, on the west side of Warsaw. It is one of the most significant industrial centers in Masovia as well as a very important sport and recreation center. Post-war Pruszkow lost its former value...
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Karpacz Poland Guide

Karpacz Poland
Karpacz Poland Sitting in the shadow of Mount Sniezka (1,603 m), the highest summit in the Sudetes, Karpacz is one of the most popular and entertaining mountain holiday resorts in Poland. Listed among the “winter capitals of Poland”, it draws more visitors than it has...
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Jastarnia Poland Guide

Jastarnia Poland
Jastarnia Poland While archaeological research over the last century confirmed that the first settlement was established here before 400 B.C., the first written information about Jastarnia dates back to 1378. Before World War II, Jastarnia was one of the most popular resorts in Poland, with...
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Visegrad Hungary Guide

Visegrad Citadel
History of Visegrad Saint John the Baptist Church Visegrad Visegrad (Visegrád) was always in the center of attention during history due to its favorable amenities and essential strategical role. The earliest traces of a human presence lead us to the New Stone Age, and from...
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Swidnica Poland Guide

Swidnica Poland
Swidnica Poland Swidnica (Świdnica) is a historic merchant town over 700-year-old and picturesquely located near the Sudety Mountains. It has a number of famous churches, several fascinating museums and an Old Town, enough to satisfy any visitor. As many as 11 charming parks ring the town...
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