Rzeszow Poland Guide

Rzeszow Town Sqaure
Rzeszow Poland Rzeszow (Rzeszów), the capital of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, combines a small-town charm with its role as the economic and cultural center of south-eastern Poland. Life is good in Rzeszow of the Aviation Valley, the largest industrial technological cluster in Poland that concentrates more...
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Walbrzych Poland Guide

Walbrzych Poland
Walbrzych Poland Some decades ago Walbrzych (Wałbrzych) wasn't a particularly popular destination for the casual visitor - and for a good reason. Ironically, while the city’s name translates directly as 'Forest Mountain', it was once hailed as one of the most polluted urban centers in...
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Wloclawek Poland Guide

Wloclawek Poland
Wloclawek Poland Wloclawek (Włocławek, pronounced vwah-swav-ek) is a city in central Poland. It's best known for its many interesting historical monuments, museums, nature parks and clubs. The city’s famous landmarks include: Copernicus Square, the famous Diocesan Museum with artworks by Guercino, Caravaggio and Dürer, the...
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Tychy Poland Guide

Tychy Poland
Tychy Poland Aside from the large Fiat car plant and the beer brewery brewing the famous “Tyskie” brand, Tychy is known for its many parks, which is somewhat surprising for a Silesian city. However, while one can't but help notice the ugly, big Soviet era blocks...
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Gliwice Poland Guide

Gliwice Poland
Gliwice is one of many towns in the largest industrial area in Poland, paradoxically being very different from the stereotype of an Upper Silesian town. It is a city of culture, of science and of enterprise, with aspirations to become a separate administrative center in...
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Opole Poland Guide

Opole Poland
Opole Poland Though Opole is primarily known as the home of the National Festival of Polish Songs, held here since 1963, the city offers plenty to do and see all year round. Every year, Opole hosts new and regular events, fairs, shows and competitions. Most...
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Suwalki Poland Guide

Suwalki Poland
Suwalki Poland Suwalki is characterized by its Classicist architecture, its wide streets and low, two storey houses. There are ancient churches to be seen, along with museums and beautiful parks where you can enjoy a pleasant moment or two, or more! Its location makes the...
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