Ligatne Nature Trails in Latvia

Ligatne Park Latvia
On the beach in Jurmala, the historic resort town a few minutes by train from central Riga, a visitor will typically find, on any given afternoon from May to October, strolling groups of women – wearing high heels, skin-tight dresses and clutching expensive handbags, their...
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Minox Camera from Riga

1958 Minox B Black Chrome/Paint camera
One of the most amazing and legendary inventions of the twentieth century, the Minox camera, first saw the light of day in Riga in 1937. Riga was also home to the camera's inventor, Walter Zapp. Walter Zapp was born in Riga in 1905. His father,...
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Trakai Karaite or Trakai Karaim

Karaite Trakai Lithuania
Not to be confused with the much larger world Judaic Karaite movement, the Lithuanian Trakai Karaite (or Karaim, or even sometimes Karaimic) are as perplexing as the confusion surrounding their name suggests. Settled in Trakai from the Crimea by Grand Duke Vytautas at the end...
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