Ljubljana Capital of Slovenia

Preseren Sqaure Ljubljana
One of Europe's most picturesque capitals, Ljubljana moves alfresco almost in its entirety. The capital is dotted with urban green spaces such as the Labyrinth of Art, a tree-lined path with a “reading island” of books to sample. If the city wasn't green enough, you'll...
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Wroclaw Poland Guide

Wroclaw Market Square
While most tourists who travel to Poland flock to the popular destinations of Krakow or Warsaw, visiting the smaller (more unknown) town of Wroclaw (Wrocław) would be your best bet. Immediately you’ll notice that the picturesque old town has many buildings painted in rich colors...
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Kotor Montenegro

Church of St Luke Kotor
Kotor, a UNESCO-listed World Natural and Historical Heritage Site, is a picturesque and well-preserved coastal town, in a secluded channel of a Montenegro bay. While cars are not allowed within Kotor’s Old Town, you can typically wander through the narrow maze of streets with cobblestones, packed...
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Petras Cvirka Lithuanian Author

Petras Cvirka
Petras Cvirka (born March 12, 1909, Klangai, Kovno Governorate – died May 2, 1947, Vilnius) was a Lithuanian author of several novels, children’s books, and short story collections. He wrote under a variety of noms de plume: A. Cvingelis Cezaris Petrėnas J. K. Pavilionis K....
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Szczecin Poland Guide

Pomeranian Dukes Castle Szczecin
Szczecin is one of those Polish cities that you don’t hear so much about. It’s not somewhere in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. Szczecin has a long and dramatic history which you'll see while wandering though the city. It’s a...
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Baku Capital of Azerbaijan

Baku Old Town
Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan is located on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea. Blessed with a great location and a wealth of natural resources, Baku is a cultural and economic hub. Often called “the most European city in Asia”, Catholic and Orthodox churches...
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Lublin Poland Guide

Lublin Poland A crossroads between the East and the West, Lublin is a city where different cultures and religions have coexisted for centuries. Warsaw is around 170 kilometers away. Less than 80 kilometers east stretches the Ukraine, less than 100 kilometers northeast, the state of...
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Kosice Slovakia Second City After Bratislava

Kosice Slovakia
History of Kosice Kosice Slovakia The medieval town of Kosice (Košice) was founded on the half way from the Abbey to the Castle. The first written mention of its existence is from 1230. In the first historical documents it was referred to as Villa Cassa, later Latin...
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