Riga Old Town Sights To See

Museum of Decorative Arts and Designs Riga
Riga Cathedral (Doma ērģeles) is by far the largest cathedral in Riga Old Town and in fact in the Baltic countries. The cathedral was founded in the beginning of the 13th century by the Teutonic Order. The well-known organ (6,718 pipes) was made in 1884,...
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Dusetos Eastern Aukstaitija Lithuania

Dusetos is a town in the Zarasai district on Lake Sartai, 34 kilometers north of Utena known for its winter horse races, usually held on the frozen lake. Races of this type were popular in eastern Aukstaitija (in Obeliai, Svedasai, Uzpaliai, Zarasai) in the 19th...
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Ukmerge Central Lithuania

Ukmerge (Ukmergė) is a city on the banks of the Šventoji River, first mentioned in historical sources in the 13th century. Its earlier name - Vilkmergė, Vilkamergė refers to a tributary of the Šventoji. A fortress hill at the confluence of the Šventoji and Ukmergėlė (also...
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Day trip Outside Bucharest

If you think you have seen all in Bucharest, a day trip outside Bucharest will learn you even more about Romania. Bucharest is a great starting point for exploring Romania. The Mogoșoaia Palace (Palatul Mogoșoaia) is on the shores of a lake only 14 kilometers northeast...
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Heydar Aliyev Center Baku Art

Heydar Aliyev Center Baku
Zaha Hadid’s masterpiece, the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku is a must-see modern architectural wonder in Azerbaijan. You simply cannot miss this building, which looks like cartoon mountains covered in snow. Designed by the Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid, this masterpiece is full of flowing curves, wonky...
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Lithuanian Food – Dishes from Lithuania

Cepelinai Food From Lithuania
  Lithuanian food, bring more potatoes ! In Lithuanian food, the potato is the king of all vegetables and there are an endless number of potato dishes out there. They are often grated before they are cooked. Bulviniai blynai, or potato pancakes with sour cream...
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Veliuona in Lithuania

Veliuona Gediminas Statue
Veliuona, is a small town between Seredžius and Raudonė on the right bank of the Nemunas.  It was an important settlement back in the Middle Ages. The surrounding fortress hills are a reminder of the battles between the Lithuanians and the Crusaders, who had territories...
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Kedainiai Lithuania

Kedainiai is the only provincial city in Lithunia with an Old Town mae of brick and stone. The city has lovely churches and interesting old buildings. Kedainiai is stuated close to Kaunas so it's worth it to combine them in a city trip.
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