Exploring Vilnius Old Town

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Castle's and Cathedral Square

It's best to start exploring Vilnius Old Town with a climb for a castle or two, followed by a visit to the famous Cathedral with Belfry in the heart of the city.



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Pilies Street

Pilies street is the main artery within Vilnius Old Town. Be prepared for lots of souvenirs and plenty of places for food and drinks. Very busy on Friday evening and Saturdays, Lithuanians and foreigners alike love the stroll in this part of town.

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Ausros Vartu Street

Into churches of all kinds and denominations ? Look no more. Ausros Vartu Street has it all. 



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Traku and Dominikonu streets

Ready for even more churches and monasteries ? Check out the area between Traku Street and Dominikonu Street, you'll find plenty of them !

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Vilniaus Street

Vilniaus Street is one of the longest streets in Vilnius Old Town, many nice old buildings, including some city palaces.

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Jewish ghetto

Once Vilnius was the Jerusalem of the North. Read about the rich Jewish heritage of Vilnius.

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Vilnius University and Daukanto Square

Check out the old Vilnius University with its lovely courtyards and the nearby Presidential Palace.

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St. Anne and Bernadine churches

When Napoleon was in Vilnius he said that he, if it would be possible, take these churches in the palm of his hand and take them to Paris. See for yourself !

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Wacky Vilnius Old Town ! This part of town declared itself independent from the city, welcome to the Free Republic of Uzupis, where the national hymn is a Frank Zappa song and every season has its own flag.

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