Zabrze Poland Guide

Zabrze Poland
Zabrze Poland The oldest district of Zabrze is Biskupice, a place first mentioned in 1242. A number of small houses in what then was just a small village were situated along the street now known as Staromiejska, which runs towards Gliwice. The inhabitants farmed the...
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Olsztyn Poland Guide

Olsztyn Castle
Castle of Olsztyn Olsztyn Castle The castle in Olsztyn was under the Kingdom of Poland from the mid-15th century and Catholic Church officials of the Warmian Chapter were responsible for administrating it. One of them was Nicolaus Copernicus, who in 1516-1521 administered the chapter’s property, including its nearby lands...
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Gora Poland Guide

Gora Poland
The settlement Gora (Góra) in the Duchy of Silesia was first mentioned in a deed from 1155 by Pope Adrian IV conveying the property to the Diocese of Wroclaw. The name of the town means "hill" or "mountain" in Old Polish. In 1288 it became...
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Chelmno Poland Guide

Chelmno Poland
Chelmno Poland Chelmno is one of the most beautiful cities in Pomerania with its centuries-long history, well-preserved urban development system, city defensive walls and churches. It presents a vision of a big medieval city which for centuries was a model for over 220 other cities of...
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Lodz Poland Guide

Central Museum of Textiles Lodz
Piotrkowska Street Piotrkowska Street Lodz Piotrkowska Street, also called Bigel or Pietryna, is the longest street in Poland. It's 4.2 kilometers long. Historic residential and industrial buildings of the 19th and early 20th century are around it. Initially, Piotrkowska Street was a standard tract leading from...
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Czestochowa Poland Guide

Czestochowa Poland
Czestochowa Poland Czestochowa plays a crucial role for the Roman Catholic Poles, being a kind of spiritual capital to them. The cult status of the Jasna Gora monastery, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations of the Christian world, has grown along with the distinguished...
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Katowice Poland Guide

Katowice Poland
Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra Katowice “I would like a building to have its own history, spatial narration deriving from the culture of such a region as Silesia,”  said Tomasz Konior, the world-famous architect, in 2008 entrusted with designing a...
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Kazimierz Dolny Poland Guide

Kazimierz Dolny Poland
Kazimierz Dolny Poland A Renaissance town amidst beautiful landscapes, Kazimierz Dolny is a real Mecca for artists and writers. What makes it stand out are historic buildings and the romantic ruins of a 14th century castle built during the rule of King Casimir the Great....
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