Kolobrzeg Poland Guide

Kolobrzeg Poland
Kolobrzeg Poland Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) is the administrative city in Kolobrzeg County in the Province of West Pomerania. It lies at the mouth of the Parseta River where it enters the Baltic Sea and is a large seaside resort and spa center. The seaport of Kolobrzeg...
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Swidnica Poland Guide

Swidnica Poland
Swidnica Poland Swidnica (Świdnica) is a historic merchant town over 700-year-old and picturesquely located near the Sudety Mountains. It has a number of famous churches, several fascinating museums and an Old Town, enough to satisfy any visitor. The town center and the outskirts are ringed by...
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Mikolajki Poland Guide

Mikolajki Poland
Mikolajki Poland Lying directly on the Great Masurian Lakes, the petite town of Mikolajki is a popular holiday and water sports resort, rightly dubbed “the Pearl of the Masuria”. Well-known as host to numerous summertime regattas, it attracts thousands of sailing enthusiasts every year. Another...
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Legnica Poland Guide

Legnica Poland
Situated in an attractive region of Lower Silesia, Legnica (German: Liegnitz) is one of the first known Polish towns, though it now plays the role of a local provincial center. Legnica has two faces: it is an ancient city with a multicultural past and an abundance...
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Szczawnica Poland Guide

Szczawnica Poland
Szczawnica Poland Szczawnica is a small town with only about 7,500 people living there and is situated on the border with Slovakia. The town owes its reputation as a tourist town to the specific microclimate surrounding it and to the presence of mineral water that...
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Ojcow Castle Ojcow National Park Poland

Ojcow Castle Poland
Ojcow Castle Ojcow Castle Poland King Kazimierz the Great built Ojcow (Ojców) Castle, as one of many in the Eagles' Nests Trail. Like the castle in Pieskowej Skale, the castle in Ojców was a well-fortified stronghold, which was to provide security for the trade route....
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Zakopane Poland Guide

Zakopane Poland
Zakopane Poland Most Polish travel itineraries start in Warsaw and end in Krakow. However, venturing two hours further south brings you to one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe – Zakopane, which borders the Tatra National Park. We list the best things to do...
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Bydgoszcz Poland Guide

Bydgoszcz Poland
The Exploseum The Exploseum Bydgoszcz Outside of one of Poland’s largest cities, down an old dirt path in the middle of a forest, are the abandoned remains of one of Nazi Germany’s largest ammunition plants. Today, it’s been turned into an underground museum. In 1876,...
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