Kaunas Guide Outside Old Town

Although Kaunas Old Town has the visitor plenty to offer when enjoying a city trip. Interwar architecture, unique museums and parks, statues and so on. Take a trolleybus, use one of the two funiculars or simply stroll and discover some hidden gems in Kaunas Guide....
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Veliuona in Lithuania

Veliuona Gediminas Statue
Veliuona, is a small town between Seredžius and Raudonė on the right bank of the Nemunas.  It was an important settlement back in the Middle Ages. The surrounding fortress hills are a reminder of the battles between the Lithuanians and the Crusaders, who had territories...
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Kaunas Old Town Exploring Kaunas

Kaunas Old Town Lithuania
Kaunas Castle Kaunas Old Town The oldest extant construction in Kaunas Old Town is the castle tower and wall fragments on the banks of the Neris River. Built in the latter half of the 14th century, the enclosure type castle lost strategic importance after the...
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Kaunas in Lithuania – Historical overview

Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city sits at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris, the two largest rivers of the country. The name “Kaunas” was originally used as a person’s first name, later as a surname. The city was strongly influenced by its status as...
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