Vidzeme district Riga

Ascension of Christ Church Riga
St Catherine's Church Vidzeme St Catherine Church Vidzeme Riga At one time Biker Church was one of the centers of parochial care in the Bailiwick in Riga. The first wooden chapel was built already in 1690. The foundation stone for a new stone church was...
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Latgale district Riga

Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga
Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady Latgale Riga Located in the former Moscow Suburb is the Church of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady, often called the Church of St Nicolas the...
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Kurzeme district Riga

Daugavgriva Fortress Kurzeme Riga
St Martin Evangelical Luthern Church St Martin Church Kurzeme Riga St Martin's Church, close to Agenkalns Cemetery, is one of Riga's earliest Eclectic style churches. The idea of building a church developed among the members of the congregation in 1845, in the lead-up to a...
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Shop in Riga Capital of Latvia

Galerija Centrs The Galerija Centrs is the only shopping center in Riga that boasts a tradition-rich history and a place in the very heart of the Latvian capital – the Old Town. For almost a century, this has been a place to indulge in the...
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Riga Bourse Art Museum

The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE is an architectural monument of national importance.  Built between 1852 and 1855 in the style of a Venetian renaissance palazzo the building symbolizes wealth and plenitude. The design was by the St. Petersburg architect of German origin Harald Julius Bosse (1812-1894)....
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Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga

Following an extensive and costly three-year long reconstruction, the Latvian National Museum of Art reopened to the public in May 2016. A popular tourist attraction, the museum is housed in one of the most impressive Historicism-style buildings in Riga. Designed by Baltic German architect Wilhelm...
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Riga Old Town Sights To See

Museum of Decorative Arts and Designs Riga
Riga Cathedral (Doma ērģeles) is by far the largest cathedral in Riga Old Town and in fact in the Baltic countries. The cathedral was founded in the beginning of the 13th century by the Teutonic Order. The well-known organ (6,718 pipes) was made in 1884,...
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