Shop in Riga, Capital of Latvia

Galerija Centrs The Galerija Centrs is the only shopping center in Riga that boasts a tradition-rich history and a place in the very heart of the Latvian capital – the Old Town. For almost a century, this has been a place to indulge in the...
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Alytus in Lithuania

Alytus, considered the capital of Dzukija, this city straddling the Nemunas river is the largest urban center in the south of Lithuania and the sixth largest city in the country. Its origins are linked to the large fortress hill on the right bank of the...
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Torun in Poland

Torun (Polish: Toruń, German: Thorn) is a city in northern Poland, on the Vistula River. Torun is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The medieval old town of is the birthplace of the famous Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. In 1997 the medieval part of...
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Tylman van Gameren

Tylman van Gameren was a Dutch architect who worked in Poland. He was an outstanding representative of the trend towards classicism in High Baroque architecture. He was born on 3rd July 1632 in Utrecht, and died in 1706 in Warsaw. Tylman (Tielman) van Gameren was...
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Tartu – The Cultural Capital of Estonia

Tartu, the capital and largest city of Tartu County, is Estonia’s second largest city after the national capital, Tallinn. The estimated population of Tartu was just over 100,000 people in 2009. It is known as the most important cultural and intellectual hub in Estonia, mainly...
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National Library of Lithuania – Vilnius

The National Library of Lithuania was founded in 1919, though the idea to set it up had existed long before. For several decades its progress was hindered by the lack of funds and special buildings as well as by the absence of a coherent conception of...
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Day trips from Warsaw in Poland

Warsaw is surrounded by the flat plains of Mazovia, which are varied by extensive forests and the river Vistula, the only European river which still follows its natural, unregulated course. There are several historic towns and attractions which offer a leisurely day trip from Warsaw....
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